Smile Rejuvenation

Whiter teeth for a wider smile

Smile Rejuvenation - Your smile is often the first thing about you that is noticed by others. If your smile makes you look older, if your teeth are worn down or yellowish in colour or if you have some teeth missing that have not been replaced, you may be a candidate for smile rejuvenation.

Aesthetic dentistry is a dentition, natural or artificial, that recreates nature in a manner that pleases the patient.

HYPNOSIS & DENTAL SPA - In our clinics our utmost responsibility is to provide and induce comfortable and pain free dental experience. Hypnosis is used to reduce stress so that less medication is used. Hypnosis can easily alleviate the tension, nervousness and unreasonable fear of pain caused by dental drills, anaesthetic injections, root canal therapy and intra oral radiographs. It can also alleviate one of the most troublesome problems of gagging as soon as anything is inserted in the mouth.

STRESS CONTROL - With the power of suggestion and relaxation our hypnotherapist can slowly help you overcome your fears of sitting in our dental chair and make our clinic an environment that you can feel safe in. In addition to all this physical relaxation like foot massaging and back massaging is also included to make your dental visit as pleasant as it could be.

SCALING, POLISHING AND AIR POLISHING - Over the years our teeth show signs of aging and lose their shine. Air polishing uses non harmful sodium bicarbonate crystals to remove stains from fine tooth lines that otherwise dona��t go by just a regular clean-up and give smooth shiny tooth surface.

MINIMAL INTERVENTION - Our teeth continuously go through processes of remineralisation and demineralization due to our habits. Products like GC tooth mousse release Recaldent which delivers amorphous calcium and phosphate into the saliva and plaque fluid and is able to drive remineralisation, buffer acid and reduce the plaque acid effects on the tooth structure.

WHITENING - We can turn back time to bring back the sparkle in your smile. Using the latest technology we can lighten, whiten and brighten your smile in under an hour with no side effects or painful procedures. All you have to do is sit back and relax with soothing music and leave the rest to us.

SALIVA CHECK - Saliva plays a significant role in maintaining oral health. It is the bodya��s natural caries defence. Understanding patientsa�� saliva characteristics can give the dentist valuable information to determine treatment choices and strategies.