~Vesna Jacob, (Celebrity fitness and wellness expert)

"When I first came to see Dr. Umre I was unhappy with my smile and wanted to ask him about what he could do about it, but in just the initial session, he gave me sufficient confidence to embark on a course of treatment that not only restored the appearance of my mouth but improved it. I have been particularly impressed by the care that both you and your team have taken over every aspect of the treatment. The result is that, after previously being unhappy with my teeth I am now able to smile and laugh with confidence. The before--and-after pictures speak for themselves, and I have no hesitation in recommending your practice to any of my friends and acquaintances.

Bosnian fitness instructor Vesna Jacob- never felt like a stranger in India, daughter in-law to well known Journalist Satish Jacob, runs a power plate studio in Safdarjung Enclave.
~Shahrukh Khan, (King of bollywood and loving husband and father)

"If it is to do with teeth, I only know one person (team) which takes wonderful care of mine... and that is Dr. Umre and his team. Thank you so much for keeping me smiling.
~SHUJAAT AND PARVEEN KHAN, (Internationally acclaimed Indian musician and sitar player of the Imdadkhani gharana)

"Dr. Sushant Umre and his Team of competent professionals at Dental Aesthetics make even the most wary patient at ease on the Dentist’s chair. Their high tech equipment and modern technique are of international standards, constantly improving with the ever changing world of medicine. All the staff at Dental Aesthetics pays personal attention to each patient which is a great comforting factor.
Dr. Umre and his teams of skilled and smart clinician’s endeavours to help the underprivileged, through Smile India, as they all work with single minded dedication and hard work.
~VINOD DUA AND CHINNA DUA, (Best known name in Indian media as an anchor, producer, political commentator and election analyst and his wife, a consultant Radiologist)

"We have been seeing Dr. Umre and his Associates at Dental Aesthetics for our dental needs for almost 22 years. With Dental Aesthetics the experience has always been very consistent. No single person stands out, because each member of the team seems to have the same common goal, and that is to treat each patient with superior care. We loved the new concept of dental spa and minimal intervention procedures. The whole feel of getting pampered in a natural way in the Dental Spa and at the same time getting that confidence to smile and sparkle brings back and maintains the charm on one's face.
~SHUBHA MUDGAL, (Famous singer of Hindustani classical music, Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, and popular Indian Pop music)

"Me and my family have been looked after for our dental problems by Dr. Umre and his Associates for more than twenty years and we can’t thank them enough for our smiles. Dental Aesthetics and its Team of Doctors not only exceed your expectations for comfort and excellence but will also transform your perspective on going to the dentist.
~Dr. Simal Soin, (Consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist and Director of Three Graces Spa)

"Having been in the practice of cosmetic dermatology for years I always felt that a nice and good looking smile is a must for any individual. Some years back I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Umre and I was amazed to see how with the help of modern cosmetic dental procedures a smile can be dramatically improved, that too many a times without a single shot of anesthesia. I myself have benefited and have managed to get whiter, brighter looking teeth with the help of cosmetic dentistry.
~Mrs. Rawal

"I used to feel very anxious sitting in the dental chair for my appointmet. I had to mentally prepare myself a few days before the appointment and cancelled many times as I did not feel like I could go ahead with it. At Dental Aesthetics they introduced me to hypnodontics. The trained hypnotherapist asked me to focus on her voice while doing deep breathing and with her soothing voice and calming words I was able to relax and feel confident enough to have my treatment. No there are no cancellations and her methods have helped me many other fears in my day to day life.
~Nina Chandarvarkar

"I am a landscape architect by profession in my mid fifties and come in constant contact with clients, professionals connected with my work.
The problem was that my teeth were progressively getting worn out , and loss of hard tooth structure made them sensitive & they looked yellow and unhealthy. I noticed in my photographs that my lower face was scrunched up & smaller and some close friends & family also remarked on this change.
It comes as a great shock when you are faced with a diagnosis from your dentist that you need a full mouth rehab. For me it was a long process to come to terms with it and to find a competent dentist who would be able to take me through this process with the least trauma and with the best results.
I had the good fortune to be introduced to Dr. Sushant Umre, through a common friend. As I live in a different city I developed a rapport with him every time I visited Delhi. He, with his team, gradually worked on my teeth by raising the bite, preparing my confidence & preparing my mouth for the full mouth rehab with utmost patience & compassion.
I being a stickler for detail, wanted my teeth to look similar to my original teeth so that the change would not be noticeable. I gave photographs to Dr. Sushant for him to know what my smile looked like before and he ,with his team, have been able to give me my old look back & better.
The experience has been painless & very satisfying.
~Dr. Bakshi and Seema bakshi, (CMD Bakson of Bakson’s Homeopathy, a legend in homeopathis management of diseases )

"Me and my wife Seema visited Dental Aesthetics Spa. As soon as we walked in we noticed the calming music and soothing aroma. Seema had noticed some chips and cracks in her teeth and as a result her teeth started to get yellowish and sensitive. I wanted her to get back her glamorous smile. The doctor at Dental Aesthetics whitened her teeth and in one hour her whiter brighter smile was restored. They told me that the cracks had been remineralised and filled in with active calcium salts because of which even her sensitivity has disappeared! I also have got my teeth cleaned and I have no hesitation in recommending the Spa to my friends and family.

Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi, President of the Central Council of Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopath known for his zeal to spread homeopathy widely in India and abroad.
~Blossom Kochar, (Genius behind AromaMagic organic and herbal remedies for skin and hair care )

"My teeth felt like a layer had been worn off over the years and I didn’t know what to do do bring back my radiant smile. The doctors at Dental aesthetics gave me trays and a gel to whiten my teeth at home and within a week I had noticed a significant difference in the colour of my smile. All we did after that was place a thin layer on top of my teeth and after the second week there it was, my brilliant smile was back. Now I feel like smiling all the time and my secret is out! I have told all my friends about it and they are all getting similar smile restoration treatment done at the clinic.

Mrs. Blossom Kochhar is a leading international personality in the world of Hair Design & Beauty Culture as a Cosmetician. She has practiced and researched Aromatherapy & Herbalism for well over 25 years.
~Tijender Tiwari

"I was extremely avulsed by the whole idea about going to a dentist. My apprehension was not only confined to the unpredictability of treatment which would follow but also used to find clinic s as a very depressing place to visit.
I always delayed my treatments and used to finally make it to the dental chair once the tooth needed some form of emergency treatment. Dr. Umre and his team constantly reminded me regarding my lack of care for treatment follow ups but I still remained reluctant to the visits.
Finally one day I visited Dental Aesthetics, the new branch which had opened up and I was impressed. It did not look like a clinic. The clinic’s colors were vibrant and the dental spa was a soothing experience. I also met their in house hypnotherapist who patiently told me to repeat a few lines after her while taking deep breaths. I was instantly in a calmer place and felt light headed.
I was so happy to have overcome this fear and also found myself cooperating in my dental treatment. No longer does anyone have to remind me of my follow up visits.
It’s the swankiest clinic I have seen so far
~Tommy Evenson, (Professional photographer)

"I was told from a photographer that is working out from Delhi India about Dental Aesthetics. I had problems with miscolored and chipped/worn teeth. After a Dental whitnening procedure I was happy with the result. But I wanted an even better smile. After consulting with Dr. S. Umre, we decided to change my whole smile. The result was amazing and fast. Just 1 week after my first visit, my smile was like a million dollars again. I saved a lot of money compared to fixing my smile in Norway. I can totally recommend Dental Aesthetics dental services.
~Rashmi Rawal

"For the last 2 years I have not been able to chew my food as my denture were loose and shaky. Dr. Amit and his team placed implants and fix the dentures to them and within a month I was able to eat all my favourite dishes again. My family was afraid that he was too old for the implants but we are so happy that I went through with it. Now every day is a feast for me and I am so happy to enjoy my food again.
~Dr. Laurent Layani, (Internationally renowned Laprascopic Bariatric surgeon bringing weight loss solutions to the world)

"I have always wanted a good smile. In fact, I found out that it is the easiest and least obvious way to change my looks without any surgery and the results are out standing! They whitened my teeth in the rejuvenation spa and after trimming them a little he took impressions out of which the lab made beautiful ceramic veneers to suit my face and build. In an hour they were glued to my teeth and all I have to do now is smile while everyone around me wonders how I have got back my dashing good looks.
~Om Gupta

"I came to know about the place through a friend and checked the website. There I saw Shahrukh khan and I was damn sure this has to be one of the best places in the country and I wasn’t disappointed at all. A swanky place with all the modern and latest equipments and off course the best Dentists. Most of my problems were solved without any fuss and has given me the best results. The best part of it all was that the doctors even took care of any problems that I may face in the future. It feels great to have a brand new set of teeth and my confidence surely has gone sky high. Thank you so much for everything.
~Aarti Chopra

"I used to have a gummy smile and the plastic surgeons told me that I would have to have facial surgery to decrease the show of my gums. I was always afraid to do this until I asked about it at Dental Aesthetics. Using lasers they trimmed my gums in such a subtle way that within an hour we were able to see a huge difference in my smile. The soft tissue laser that they used took half an hour and without any facial surgery I was able to get the exact results that I was looking for.
~Mehnaz Harris

"My daughter Mehnaz had to have a painful tooth pulled out and Dr. Nikhil was so gentle with her that she didn’t even know when he had injected the tooth to make it numb. He used a computerised injection called the Wand which looked like a pen rather than a needle and after that it took two minutes to pull the tooth and she has been pain free ever since.

We were not sure how our small baby would react to intimidating environment at a dental clinic.We were so pleasantly surprised at Dental Aesthetics where a special reception area has been created with a play area and toys to make children comfortable. Then the dinosaur dental chair took the cake. The surroundings hardly looked like a dental clinic. Finally Dr. Nikhil’s handling our son left us amazed. We were really surprised how Dr. Nikhil not only talked our son into keeping his mouth open and managed to do all the dental work. Best part is that our son keeps reminding us at home for his next appointment at the clinic. Over all a great experience
~Asha Kakkar

"Who knew that getting my teeth back would be so easy! I noticed that my teeth stopped showingon my smiling close up pictures. Also I could feel tat my bite was not very strong. I have been pondering over it for so long, but the Dental Aesthetics team gave me back my bite so quickly and smoothly that I didnt even realise what I had been missing all these years! Now I have the perfect strong bite and getting my teeth done was a breeze. I would do it all over again anyday!
~Shivangi Agarwal

"I had a lip ulcer which was very painful and because of that I could not even eat or drink. I had to keep using topical gels to help reduce my pain. That’s when Dental Aesthetics introduced me to laser therapy for pain. Within a single twenty minute appointment I was even able to drink a cup of tea, something I had not been able to have for weeks. I had two more applications of the laser with biostimulation and I it has almost completely healed. It feels like a miracle and I feel so happy and pain free.
~Nidhi Gupta

"My 6 year old daughter complained of pain in her tooth and we realised that she had a large decay in one of her chewing tooth with an infection. We were afraid that she was too young to have dental treatment, but the specialist doctor for children assured us that this was the perfect age and we saw many to her younger children waiting to be treated by him. All our fears disappeared when we saw how gentle the doctor was with our daughter and how quickly they filled the cavity. Now all Nidhi talks about is her new Doctor uncle friend and shows off her teeth saying how brave she was at the dentist!